Women in Tech Panel Series - Event #1

Breaking Barriers when Entering the Tech Industry

For those looking to enter the tech industry (or enter into a technical role), we have the inside scoop on the challenges to expect, how to overcome them, and how to organize your job search! 

Monday August 22, 2022 @ 2pm ET / 1pm CT / 11am PT

Our Panelists

Aleksa MacDonald
Project Coordinator at MNP Digital
Stay tuned for the reveal!
Stay tuned for the reveal!
Stay tuned for the reveal!
Stay tuned for the reveal!

What can you expect to learn?

This event is for anyone looking to enter the tech industry. Maybe you're coming from university and want to dive head-first into tech, or maybe you're making a career switch after years in another field. Whatever your background, we're here to show you how to break into the tech industry for the first time.

In this event, we'll discuss:

1. What is different about entering the tech industry compared to other industries?
2. What challenges can be expected, and how do you overcome them?
3. Do you really need technical skills to get into the industry? What kinds of non-tech roles are available? How much can you learn on the job?
4. How do you organize your job search to stand out with non-technical experience or industry work?

All participants will receive a recording PLUS access to a job board of jobs in the tech industry that women are encouraged to apply for.

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