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Get a granular inspection of source code to identify elusive unsecure coding patterns.

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Manual penetration testing

Full time Canadian hackers

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Discover how frequent vulnerabilities are present in your code


Need to review your technical debt to reduce security risks and operating costs of maintaining that debt

Unsure of how to prepare for your next client mandated penetration test

You're changing critical pieces of software and want to ensure new vulnerabilities exposing client / company data aren’t being introduced


Expert engineers audit the code with techniques that combine security and developer knowledge and use manual and automated approaches to understand the coding style and insecure patterns to reveal security gaps

Combining code review (which identifies the instances of a vulnerability within the code) and penetration testing (identifies the risk) increases the efficacy of finding as many vulnerabilities as possible within the testing window

Using secure code review with a penetration test or on its own helps zoom in on particular pieces of software, as all code paths and running conditions of the application are inspected and tested, giving a comprehensive view of secure coding practices

Key Features

Gain confidence in your code

Book a 30 min consultation

Manual penetration testing

Full time Canadian hackers

Remediation support

Pentesting assisted code review

CVE discovery and validation

3rd party libraries identification

Commercial static code analysis

Manual verification of all vulnerabilities found

Targeted manual code review based on risk

Get observability on all of your secure coding practices

Penetration testing assisted code review helps you understand all possible risk factors, and where those risks are located within your code.

”My entire development had taken software security training from Software Secured. The training provided very practical guidance on how to write secured software catered in the programming language we requested. We had already made some changes based on what we learned.”

Tongfeng Zhang
Director of Engineering at CIRA

Changing critical software pieces doesn’t have to introduce new vulnerabilities

CVE discovery and validation for critical software changes to ensure client data is not compromised.


No risk in your code left undiscovered

We combine automated and targeted manual code review based on risk to uncover all potential vulnerabilities, and we manually verify all vulnerabilities to ensure 0 false positives.

”I have had the opportunity to review their work in a previous position, and their price-to-quality quotient is outstanding. They wrote two excellent penetration test reports, based on the types of penetration test we requested. Each report contained a short introduction, a detailed explanation of the findings, and how to reproduce these. It is important to mention that the findings were organized by severity and risk. Finally, they included a brief appendix explaining all terminology used.The workflow was very smooth, with easy and transparent integration between our teams. We commend the superior quality of their reports and the easy interaction with their representatives”

Ezequiel Velez
Senior Security Analyst at Finalis

The proof is in the pudding

Book a 30 min consultation

Manual penetration testing

Full time Canadian hackers

Remediation support



on average


more vulnerabilities

than the leading competitor


Of all vulnerabilities

are critical or high severity


Penetration tests delivered

Trusted by high growth SaaS startups and growing security firms

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Say goodbye to 300+ page penetration test reports

Providing the quality of the biggest names in security without the price tag and complications.

Book a 30 min consultation

Manual penetration testing

Full time Canadian hackers

Remediation support

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