Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS)

Year-round testing coverage for fast-growing SaaS companies that want to integrate security into their development pipeline.

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Manual penetration testing

Full time Canadian hackers

Remediation support

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Monthly subscription plans based on your attack surface and business needs


The cost of a vulnerability has become too high from a reputational and stakeholder commitment standpoint

Your developers are under extreme pressure to keep shipping new code and need quicker, ongoing feedback to reduce bottlenecks of security remediation work

You began recruiting for an internal security engineer and realized the cost to attract and retain a FT employee are 2x Software Secured’s services

You are contractually obligated to conduct quarterly penetration testing and vulnerability scanning for compliance and customer requirements


More frequent penetration testing reduces the reputational and financial risk of a cybersecurity breach as a team of security experts, familiar with you attack surface and current security threats continuously test your systems

Manual comprehensive penetration testing, proves security maturity with mapping to 5 industry frameworks (OWASP Top 10, SANS Top 25, WSTG, ASVS, NIST)

With an average of 26 vulnerabilities, your time is focused on closing meaningful security risks

Continuously updated Internal and external facing reports, provide a summary report to clients, executives and board members

How it Works

Continuous pentesting proves security maturity


Penetration test kick off call, includes a product demo

Onboard into Portal, speed up your pentest experience

Prepare your testing environment


Quarterly/Biannual Penetration Testing

Advanced threat modelling

Evolving security plan based on new features


Report and Remediation

CVSS and DREAD calibrate vulnerability severity

Remediation guidance on mitigating, eliminating, delegating and accepting risk


Retesting and Certificate

Unlimited retesting on fix verification & new releases

Continuously updated externally facing reports to prove security maturity


Security Consulting

Expert advice from hackers who understand your attack surface


Keep your clients data secure

Actionable reporting

Steps to reproduce

Remediation guidance

”Software Secured’s mapping to numerous frameworks and standards was one of the differentiating factors that attracted us to work with them and affirmed that we were receiving a high quality penetration test as we work towards SOC 2”

Marty Kagan
CEO & Founder at Hydrolix

Security beyond compliance

Remediation support

Unlimited retesting

Know when to eliminate, mitigate, delegate and accept risk


Prove security maturity

Automate vulnerability management

Continuously updated external reports and certificates

”We've worked with Software Secured for over 4 years. They did a great job each year for penetration testing, and moving to their model where they offer 'penetration testing as a service' for more frequent testing made sense as our business quickly scaled”

Fred Dixon
CEO at Blindside Networks

The proof is in the pudding

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Manual penetration testing

Full time Canadian hackers

Remediation support



on average


more vulnerabilities

than the leading competitor


Of all vulnerabilities

are critical or high severity


Penetration tests delivered

Trusted by high growth SaaS startups and growing security firms

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Book a 30 min consultation

Manual penetration testing

Full time Canadian hackers

Remediation support

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