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Our security story

After a career working as a software developer, Sherif Koussa, CEO & Founder of Software Secured realized how much insecure code he had been introducing. He learned about OWASP, fell in love with security and began pentesting with Wells Fargo. Sherif has authored security exams for SANS, and founded OWASP Meetup Ottawa, bringing the membership from 0 to 1300 members. In 2010, Sherif Koussa started Software Secured, a penetration testing company designed to bring bank-grade application security to fast growing software companies at a price point they can consume.

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Our values

How we sleep better at night


Passion for security

Security and privacy matters more than anything else. We prioritize it within all of our business decisions as a part of our goal to make the digital world a little safer.

Growth mindset

Security is an ever-changing field. Through curiosity, constant learning (and un-learning), and humility, we are able to stay ahead of the curve. 


Tough problems are something we'll never shy away from. Instead, problems are seen as an opportunity to do better, create new solutions, and innovate. 


We help our customers go through their customer journey with no judgment - all the way from sales to post-test support.


Integrity drives everything we do. We are honest, straightforward, honest, and commit to doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.

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