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Penetration Testing Services

Pentest Essentials

Starting from

$5,000 USD

Annual network pentest that meets compliance standards.

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Project-based approach

Internal facing report with steps to mitigate

External facing report to prove security maturity

Remediation support around identified vulnerabilities

Read out report meeting with our team

1X rounds of retesting included

Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS)

Monthly subscription plans based on your attack surface and business needs

Biannual or quarterly  web, mobile, and API penetration testing, unlimited retesting, security consulting, Portal to manage pentest results helps growing teams prove and experience security maturity.

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Everything in Pentest 360 +

2x or 4x penetration tests throughout the year

Advanced threat modelling

Team rotation for fresh perspectives

Continuous access to our team via Slack integration

Unlimited retesting on fix verification & new releases

Security consulting hours

Automated vulnerability management and observability via Portal

Continuously updated external facing reports to prove security maturity

Augmented Security Services

Secure Code Review

Starting from

$6,800 USD

Get granular inspection of source code to identify elusive unsecure coding patterns.

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Pentesting assisted code review

3rd party libraries identification

CVE discovery and validation

Commercial static code analysis

Manual verification of all vulnerabilities found

Targetted manual code review based on risk

Secure Cloud Review

Starting from

$5,000 USD

Ensuring cloud configurations are following industry best practices.

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Resource segregation review including network segmentation

Configuration settings review

Tracking and logging observability verification

Logging and observability verification

Access hardening

Network segregation

Redundancy, including autoscaling and backups

Developer Training

Starting from

$10,000 USD

Private group training led by an instructor & based on OWASP Top 10 secure coding best practices

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Instructor led

Hands on exercises

5 courses available, including Capture the flag (CTF)

Mapped to OWASP Top 10

Recent cyber breaches covered due to common vulnerabilities

Meet compliance standards (SOC 2, HIPAA, ISO 27001, PCI)

Language agnostic as well as .NET, Java content

Flexible delivery model

Attendance management and certificates


What our clients have to say


Simple answers to tough questions

What information do I need to gather in order to get the most accurate scope?

Pricing for pentesting services is based on the scope of the attack surface. This is determined by assessing the number of endpoints, public facing IPs, roles and authentication methods. Check out our Scoping a Penetration Test Document here.

Does active feature development change our penetration testing strategy?

Many clients choose biannual or quarterly Penetration Testing as a Service, to integrate security into their development pipeline. The initial baseline penetration test provides depth of coverage and the subsequent penetration tests address the new features and product developments only. This strategy speeds up security operations and aligns with your product roadmap.

Tell us more about your depth of coverage. How does your comprehensiveness compare to other penetration testing vendors?

We conduct light threat modelling with every penetration test. Our team creates tailored attacks based on your data flow, business logic, integrations, competitive landscape, industry and clients. 

In addition to the testing methodology customized to your attack surface, we also map to multiple standards (OWASP Top 10, SANS Top 25, WSTG, ASVS, NIST) for the most in-depth coverage. 

How does this help us with compliance?

Our penetration tests can help you meet compliance frameworks such as SOC 2, ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, as well as cybersecurity insurance requirements. All of our application penetration tests include infrastructure testing. This assists in meeting both the infrastructure and application controls required for compliance and provides security assurance. 

Within Portal, your data is physically separated, as each of our clients has their own database, given Portal has single tenant architecture. Granular access permissions based on role and project assist clients in meeting compliance and technical risk, aligning to least privilege best practices. Portal has complex password requirements and leverages OAuth for client authentication.

What do your penetration test reports look like?

Our actionable reports include an executive summary, vulnerability descriptions, impact on the business, steps to reproduce and suggested remediation methods. All vulnerabilities are peer reviewed and risk is calibrated according to CVSS and DREAD. 

How much remediation support is included?

After the report is delivered, there is an optional read out report meeting with our team to go over the results and assist with remediation. Email and our slack integration is available for quick questions regarding your report. Decision making support on when to eliminate, mitigate, delegate and accept risk is offered to all clients and 3 rounds of retesting is included to support with your SLAs. Penetration Testing as a Service clients benefit from unlimited on demand retesting and 2 hours of security consulting per month.

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