Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS) ensures application security and peace of mind for software development teams.

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Software Secured working with leading brands.

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You constantly need to ship secure software.

Modern software companies are shipping software faster than ever, and consequently, you need to prove that your data is safe and your software is resilient. 

However, building and shipping secure software is hard.

Tight deadlines, lack of security expertise, and financial constraints make it challenging to do application security properly while still shipping software on time.

Regardless of the challenge, it doesn't have to be that way.

Penetration Testing as a Service is the solution.

Meet Deadlines

First start by shipping software on time by integrating incremental security earlier and more often in the software development life cycle.

Ship Software Confidently

Above all, you can have confidence knowing that security gates have been introduced before you
hit production.

Get More Business

Gain a competitive advantage through application security and therefore provide assurance to your clients that their data is safe.

Foster a Security Culture

Know that your team of software developers ultimately have the necessary knowledge and tools to follow security best practices.

How our client Titus fosters an internal Security Culture.

“Building this network with software secured was an important part of building software and making sure we feel more comfortable with securing it.”


VP of Engineering, TITUS

How We Bridge The Gap

Ensure your software development team has the necessary knowledge and security best practices to implement and deploy secure code with our team training.  Also, adding Penetration Testing as a Service brings an additional layer of security. Penetration Testing as a Service is performed manually and regularly by our team of experts to mitigate the risk of threats.

Open Source Apps for a DevSecOps Pipeline.

When moving security “left” in your software development lifecycle, one way to curb costs when you leap into DevSecOps is to integrate open source security tools into the process.

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reshift is a Saas-based software platform that helps software development teams identify vulnerabilities in their code faster, therefore reducing the cost of finding and fixing bugs.

Let us help you find the best way to secure your applications.

According to statistics, most web applications are prone to getting hacked. The only question is: will it be yours?