Reduce risk with application security testing for web and mobile apps

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Small Development Teams

Managed Professional Services

Software development teams that release often and don’t have internal application security expertise benefit from our web and mobile application security testing.

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Security Professionals


For application security professionals who are frustrated with the usability and effectiveness of current application security scanning tools. reShift
take away the pain of running scanners and triaging their results.

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Developers & Security Professionals

Instructor-Led Training

Our role-based courses teach your whole software development team the necessary skills to hack and defend their own applications. Give your development team the skills and tools they need to write secure code.

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“Software Secured gives us confidence, knowing that a team of security experts has our back so that we can focus on signing up outstanding artists. ”

AppSec and SDLC Case Studies

Learn how improving code review, audit, compliance with regulatory standards, and code analysis practice helped these companies. Software Secured improved their Application Security controls and ensures that they and their clients are more resilient when it comes to security risks in their operating environments.

Imagine an application security failure at 35,000 feet

Mxi Technologies provides maintenance management software for the aviation industry. Software Secured integrated intelligent application security testing into Mxi's Maintenix, which is a web-based software application designed specifically for maintenance in the aviation industry.

A Russian ransom note can't take the merry out of Christmas

Software Secured integrated intelligent application security testing into ArtStation's platform. ArtStation is the showcase platform for games, film, media & entertainment artists. It enables artists to showcase their portfolios in a slick way, discover & stay inspired, and connect with new ...

This NHL team celebrates a shutout against hackers

This NHL team provided a convenient way for their fans to buy and renew their season tickets. Subject to PCI compliance, this NHL team chose Software Secured's intelligent application security testing. Software Secured ensured this team continuously scored a shutout against hackers.

Introduction to SQL Injection Mitigation

What is SQL Injection? The popularity of Structured Query Language (SQL) injection attacks has grown significantly over the years and employing relevant mitigation practices will help your application from being added to a growing list of insecure applications implicated in significant data breaches. Despite its release nearly 30 years ago, SQL injection has been responsible…

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Application Security Code Review Introduction

Security code review is a process which systematically applies a collection of security audit methodologies capable of ensuring that both environments and coding practices contribute to the development of an application resilient to operational and environmental threats. In practice, code reviews can take on numerous forms including lightweight code discussions or more involved processes such…

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