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Annual network pentest that meets compliance standards.

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Manual penetration testing

Full time Canadian hackers

Remediation support

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Cover the basics with the best


Need to achieve security compliance requirements for business growth, with a lean team and budget

Need to reduce risk of cybersecurity breach or respond to one

Need to prove security maturity to clients, partners and investors with stringent security requirements

Don’t know how to manage risk and don’t know what they don’t know


We help you earn and maintain compliance efforts for SOC 2, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and Data Privacy Compliance (such as GDPR and CCPA)

Our comprehensive penetration tests are mapped to 5 industry frameworks, and include custom business logic testing plans

We rely on CVSS and DREAD to properly calibrate severity of all vulnerabilities; all issues are peer reviewed before report delivery, ensuring no false positives.

Consultative support to remediation and 3 rounds of  retesting validates closed gaps so you can feel confident in your security posture

How it Works

Kick start your security journey


Kick off call with our team, where we begin light threat modeling based on your product demo to understand the potential attack surface

Onboarded to portal, your vulnerability management dashboard

Start to prepare your staging testing environment, and giving access to our team


Penetration test

Our team begins our testing, based on 5 industry standards to maximize coverage and ensure no security gaps are left undiscovered

We leverage our proprietary testing stack and include infrastructure testing in all of our penetration tests

Our 7 step testing methodology leads to finding 26 vulnerabilities on average, which is 3X more than the leading competitor


Report and Remediation

We rely on CVSS and DREAD to properly calibrate all vulnerabilities and get all issues triple-checked before delivery so there's no false positives

You can schedule a read out report meeting with our team to help guide remediation and resource efforts, and clarify any questions surrounding your vulnerabilities

Reports include actionable steps to remediation so you can clear security gaps



With Pentest Essentials, you will receive 3 rounds of retesting to ensure vulnerabilities are closed and no longer pose a threat to your application.


Compliance made easy

Zero false positives means your time to achieve compliance is protected.

”Software Secured provided one of the best penetration test reports I had ever seen. A detailed report for internal use and resolution, and a summary certification to be stored for evidence and sharing externally. They provide the quality of some of the biggest names in security, without the price tag and complications. If you need some things done, have a pretty good idea of what needs to get done, and don't want to be sold a bunch of extras that aren't required for the project, this is who you go with.”

Nick Palermo
Director of Operations UnlimitedViz

Close deals faster without compromising security

Get an updated penetration test report and certificate to prove your security posture to clients and auditors.


Avoid cybersecurity breaches

Protect your clients' data and avoid financial and reputational penalties.

”Software Secured consistently delivers exceptional quality in their penetration test reports. Their transparent workflow and clear findings explanation make the process smooth. Notably, they include an informative appendix to demystify technical terms. This commitment to transparency and thoroughness sets them apart. Their actionable recommendations showcase their dedication to client security. In essence, Software Secured is a top choice for reliable cybersecurity services.”

Fernando Martin
Head of DevOps, Finalis Inc

The proof is in the pudding

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Manual penetration testing

Full time Canadian hackers

Remediation support



on average


more vulnerabilities

than the leading competitor


Of all vulnerabilities

are critical or high severity


Penetration tests delivered

Trusted by high growth SaaS startups and growing security firms

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Say goodbye to 300+ page penetration test reports

Providing the quality of the biggest names in security without the price tag and complications.

Book a 30 min consultation

Manual penetration testing

Full time Canadian hackers

Remediation support

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