Securing Financial Data for Enterprise Resellers Through Comprehensive Penetration Testing

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Securing Financial Data for Enterprise Resellers

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Motiva was in their second year of their SOC 2 security commitment and were looking to augment their posture. Given the reputational and financial penalties that come with a cybersecurity breach, their enterprise clients and resellers needed assurance that Motiva was protecting their data privacy, security and reducing any risk of fraud. 


Motiva worked closely with one of their key partners, selecting Software Secured’s grey box penetration test for comprehensive coverage. The penetration test took into account their iOS and Android mobile applications, as well as their reseller Portal, back end APIs and network, and was conducted over 4 weeks. 

We were looking for a penetration testing partner who could give us assurance of our current security posture and guide us through what we needed to improve. Software Secured demonstrated their mobile penetration testing expertise, at a competitive price. We were pleased with the results and the communication with Software Secured throughout the process.” 

Tega McKinney,
Director of Engineering at Motiva Ventures


Software Secured’s team possesses both mobile and AWS security expertise, and also balances cost effectiveness for growing startups. Motiva found easy communication with Software Secured’s hackers, all of whom are full-time employees located in Canada. Their key reselling partner approved of Software Secured’s penetration testing methodology, certifications, and risk calibration. 


Motiva’s development team were guided by Software Secured’s clear processes and quick communication around the testing environment and results. Witnessing their threat modeling exercise in the kick off call built trust that Software Secured’s customized attacks would lead to a meaningful penetration test report. 

Managing overall financial risk and health of a growing tech startup during a recession can be a challenge. After understanding Software Secured’s approach to customer service and security, their ability to provide the best ROI, made the budget line less painful to approve. We know quality security is the right thing to do for our partners and customers and will unlock future revenue for us in the coming quarters.”

Kien Taing,
Co-founder and CFO at Motiva Ventures

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