Automating SOC 2 With Comprehensive Penetration Testing and Strategic Integrations

Encircle aims to bring trust and transparency to the claims process. They created a new standard that defines how property loss information is gathered, assessed, and reported when disaster strikes. The Encircle platform has a goal of modernizing the property and casualty insurance industry.

Automating SOC 2

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Encircle needed to prove their security commitment to enterprise insurance clients with Software Secured’s comprehensive pentesting and SOC 2. Given the company’s growth in clients, employee headcount, and security maturity, Encircle was also looking to automate any administrative effort related to pentesting and security compliance while ensuring the PII they process is protected.


Having worked with Software Secured, Encircle was now maintaining SOC 2 compliance thanks to the compliance automation capabilities in Vanta's trust management platform. The Encircle team was delighted to learn about Software Secured’s Portal integration with Vanta. Bridging the information gap with our integrations made it that much easier for Encircle to automate information into their compliance tool.  Knowing they would have a trusted security partner to help identify real security risks within their solution made their vendor selection process simple.


Software Secured’s comprehensive pentesting methodology paired with Portal allowed Encircle to speed up the remediation process, ensuring SLAs were met for their SOC 2 audit and client commitments. Their pentest vulnerabilities, report, and certificate were directly accessible from Portal, avoiding getting lost in full inboxes.


Encircle was able to get very clear on their application and network security gaps, their priority and the best way to mitigate these risks. The pentest results were synced with Vanta’s platform so Encircle’s busy team didn’t need to manually upload the pentest or retest for this year’s audit, client requests or Board reports. Through Software Secured Portal, Encircle was also able to easily add vulnerabilities to their bug tracking system of choice, have continuous access to Software Secured’s pentesters, and speed up their end of year security efforts.

My favourite part of working with Software Secured comes from the collaboration on vulnerability management after the report is delivered."

Ronuk Raval,
CTO at Encircle

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