Scaling Security to Accelerate Enterprise Deals

Coderbyte is a bootstrapped SaaS platform for employers to conduct technical assessments and interviews in order to hire the right candidates faster.

Scaling Security to Accelerate Enterprise Deals

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Coderbyte is quickly gaining market share due to their affordable pricing, easy to use interface and the diversity of their platform. This helped them gain 3,000 customers, 900 of which switched from venture-backed competition.

As Coderbyte grew, they attracted increasing interest among Fortune 500 employers with more rigorous security requirements. Coderbyte needed both to prove security maturity and accelerate pipeline, without getting bogged down by security questionnaires. Further, as a profitable, bootstrapped company, any unknown vulnerability could pose an existential threat to the business and livelihoods of the team.


Coderbyte began their pentest journey with Pentest Essentials, an infrastructure pentest as they were building their SOC 2 program.

However, within months, it became evident that a manual comprehensive application penetration test is what Coderbyte needed to meet those heavy security requirements and close more upstream accounts.

Software Secured presented Coderbyte with the Pentest 360 package which is an application and infrastructure pentest mapped to 5 industry standards. Pentest 360 also comes with custom business logic testing, consultative support for remediation as well as 3 rounds of retesting to validate the fixes.


Coderbyte gained an understanding of how an attacker would look for weaknesses in their application security, and how closing those gaps would help their enterprise clients mitigate the risk of using their platform regardless of the data accessed, processed and stored.

Coderbyte saw a lot of value in using Slack to communicate directly with Software Secured’s pentesters to accelerate vulnerability remediation, which helped them optimize the time allocated to vulnerability remediation.


Coderbyte started their security journey with Pentest Essentials to fulfill their SOC 2, and then went beyond maintaining compliance with Pentest 360 to match their growing business needs. Scaling their application security allowed Coderbyte to fulfill compliance requirements and close enterprise clients faster.

Thanks to Software Secured, we have substantially improved our security posture which has led to increased win rates and time-to-close amongst enterprise customers. We also finally have peace of mind that our business isn't a vulnerability away from existential threat."

Nis Frome,
COO at Coderbyte

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