SOC 2 Compliance and Security Maturity Through Comprehensive Penetration Testing

Hydrolix is an elastic cloud platform built for observability. Unlike leading SaaS-based data warehouse and data lake solutions, users have total control to optimize Hydrolix to meet their data retention, cost, and query performance targets. As Hydrolix is changing how some of the world’s largest companies manage and leverage their data; data security is a key priority for business growth.

SOC 2 Compliance and Security Maturity

Portland, Oregon


Cloud Storage and Data Analytics


$20 million USD




Paramount (Entertainment), Arkose Labs (Security)

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Prospective clients required that Hydrolix become SOC 2 compliant and prove security maturity with a quality penetration test.


Hydrolix wanted more than a checkbox when it came to their application and network security; Software Secured was experienced in helping globally dispersed teams and their penetration test approach provided a deeper level of assurance on their attack surface.

Software Secured’s mapping to numerous frameworks and standards was one of the differentiating factors that attracted us to work with them and affirmed that we were receiving a high quality penetration test as we work towards SOC 2.” 

Marty Kagan,
CEO & Founder at Hydrolix


Hydrolix ’s development team efficiently consumed the results of the penetration test. The report was actionable, detailed, and the severity of vulnerabilities was calibrated using CVSS and DREAD. This supported Hydrolix ’s ability to quickly close vulnerabilities within their SLA’s.


Software Secured discovered a vulnerability which had a potentially severe impact on Hydrolix and their clients; this is why companies like Hydrolix invest in real security. Following the remediation guidance and consultative support from Software Secured, Hydrolix was able to significantly minimizing the exposure to risk.

Given the types of vulnerabilities they found and their understanding of how we can improve our overall security posture, we experienced the value of investing in real security by working with a company that cared about our reputation as much as their own.” 

Krassimir Tzvetanov
Director of Security Engineering at Hydrolix

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