Flat Rate Pricing

We are trying to make quality application security education accessible to everyone. So, we charge a flat rate per course, regardless of the number of people in the room.


What sets us apart is our security experience and interactive teaching approach that we bring to the classroom.

Private CTF

Developers learn best by doing....a lot. Build AppSec competence within your team using our 100% hands-on capture-the-flag competition. This activity drives home all the security concepts taught in other courses.

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Price varies based on the course but is not effected by team size.

1-day training is $8500 and 2-day training is $12500. This is for single courses, we offer deep discounts for packaged courses.

*Prices are subject to change.

  1. On-premise: our instructors will come to you and host the training session at your office.
  2. Live remote session: Hosted as a live session where students would log on through their computers.

*additional travel costs for up to 2 instructors is extra

Java  |  .NET  |  Language agnostic

Typically courses run from 1-2 days (varies between courses).

There is no maximum. However, it is recommended to keep classroom sizes to 15-20 people to be most effective.

Let us know what size your team is so we can help you!

“My entire development team had taken software security training from Software Secured. They provided very practical guidance on how to write secured software catered in the programming language we requested. We had already made some changes based on what we learned.”

Tongfeng Zhang

Software development manager, cira

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