Penetration Testing Enhances HIPAA Compliance and Boosts Overall Privacy and Security for MedTech Companies

Protecting patient privacy: Why mitigating security risks in MedTech is critical in today's cyber threat landscape

In today's cyber threat landscape, mitigating security risks in MedTech is critical due to the sensitive nature of the data and potential impact on human lives. 

MedTech companies collect and store highly sensitive information, and any security breach could have catastrophic consequences

The increasing use of internet-connected devices and telemedicine platforms has expanded the attack surface, making it more challenging to protect against cyber threats. 

Therefore, effective security measures are essential to safeguard against potential attacks and ensure the safety and privacy of patients and stakeholders.
Last year, Software Secured found an average of 13 vulnerabilities per product in the healthcare space.

MedTech companies must think beyond compliance to protect patient data and their reputation

Penetration testing is an essential tool for MedTech companies to earn and maintain HIPAA compliance, as it provides a thorough evaluation of their security controls and identifies any vulnerabilities that could compromise patient data. By prioritizing compliance and a strong cybersecurity strategy, MedTech companies can ensure the safety of their vendors, clients, and patients, which ultimately leads to greater satisfaction and trust. 
DID YOU KNOW: Though 43% of attacks are aimed at SMBs, only 14% of these businesses are prepared to defend themselves, according to Accenture. 
With Software Secured's portal, managing Service Level Agreements (SLAs) has never been easier, allowing MedTech companies to track and document the security measures taken to protect patient data, which is crucial for compliance. By utilizing penetration testing and Software Secured's portal, MedTech companies can ensure HIPAA compliance and maintain trust with their clients and patients.

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