Retaining Customers and Growing Health Care Business Through Comprehensive Penetration Testing

Welbi seeks to transform the antiquated and broken way in which society cares for older adults by supporting them to live life to the fullest, whether in a senior living community or at home. Welbi empowers those who care for our parents and grandparents to be able to deliver the personalized care our loved ones want and deserve, so they can live healthy and happy lives.

Retaining Customers and Growing Health Care Business

Ottawa, Ontario


Healthcare Technology


Seed $4.3M USD




Revera, ConMed, Holland Care, AgeCare

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Welbi serves some of the largest global senior living organizations. As a lean team focused on the quality of the product, they hit a common growth stage where security investment is a must-have in order to retain and attain clients. 

Improving their overall security posture with SOC 2 and penetration testing became key priorities for the executive and technical teams as their clients’ security requirements increased. Pentesting with Software Secured also unlocked additional enterprise expansion opportunities across the US. 


Welbi was looking for the right combination of budget, technical expertise and vendor availability to solve this business problem. Finding a company who provides a very hands on approach throughout the entire process that was also vouched for by their network connections led them to Software Secured’s comprehensive penetration testing. 


Given Software Secured’s main client base are startups, their processes and communication demonstrate respect for the resource constraints Welbi was facing (3 month timeline to get SOC 2 Type 1, working towards Type 2). 


Through the penetration testing, some vulnerabilities were discovered. Software Secured notified Welbi, enabling them to remediate high priority vulnerabilities immediately, prior to report delivery, furthering their SOC 2 Access Control efforts and protecting client data. 

The closer we are with the people that find the problems and know the answers, the better it will be on our side.” 

Arthur Juchereau,
Principal Engineer at Welbi

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