Partners in doing what's best for SaaS Companies

Our partnership programs offer the opportunity for investors, accelerators, service providers & more to share application security awareness, referrals and more.

Technology and Services Partners

We've built a network of partners who we trust to provide excellent customer experience and quality services to fast-growing SaaS companies across Canada and the US. As a Software Secured customer, you have priority access to our partner companies, including discounts on select service options. Interested? Get in touch with us!

Accelerator Partners

As enterprise security requirements increase, a strong InfoSec posture creates a competitive advantage and drives faster B2B sales for tech start-ups working with enterprises. Software Secured runs workshop and consulting programs with select North American accelerator partners to support young tech companies on this topic.

Become a Partner!

Being a partner with Software Secured can mean referrals, co-marketing opportunities, workshop training opportunities, and more. Reach out through the form to start a conversation! Have an idea for a partnership? Even better! Let us know :)

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