Navigating Rapid Expansion with Custom Training to Educate Developers Worldwide

Zafin is a fast-growing technology company that helps top banks around the world unlock untapped capabilities from existing data to enable increased revenue, profitability and enhanced customer experiences.

Navigating Rapid Expansion with Custom Training

Vancouver, British Columbia


Software Development


Series B $17.2M USD




ING,CIBC, HSBC, Wells Fargo, PNC & ANZ

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Driven by the nature of the market, and the type of clients they acquired; Zafin opted to adopt several compliance standards such as ISO 27001, SOC 1, and SOC 2. Zafin also needed to push beyond the compliance checkbox and chose to implement a strong application security program. Part of that security program is to ensure that their software developers are aware of the latest attacks and writing secure code best practices. Zafin is growing rapidly, and hiring hundreds of engineers to support that growth. Computer-based training wouldn’t give senior management the assurance they needed to ensure code security best practices are well maintained. Additionally, Zafin, employed a global software development team disbursed over several time zones.  Providing a solution that suits the global nature of their development team was very important.


Zafin reached out to Software Secured to design a custom software security training solution that allows them to achieve their compliance, security and logistical requirements. Zafin also needed a solution that optimizes their scarce software developers’ time while maximizing information retention. Finally, Zafin wanted to measure the information retention of the developers to understand whether any follow-up training is needed for specific developers.


Software Secured put together a training solution that allowed Zafin to realize the following benefits:

  • Instructor-led training that would adapt to different timezones
  • The training solution provided more training time to new developers to provide them with baseline security knowledge
  • A variety of teaching techniques and a customized approach that maximized information retention
  • A certification system that would prove the participation of the developers to auditors and customers


Zafin can focus on recruiting software developers to match its growth plans while ensuring that they are providing them with a baseline security training. Zafin can also prove their security training investment to their clients and auditors.

The virtual training experience offered by Software Secured transcends geographical boundaries, providing a consistent and impactful learning experience for our teams across India and Canada. The trainers' responsiveness to our organizational nuances and their ability to tailor the training to our specific challenges have been commendable. We are grateful for this partnership and the lasting positive impact it has had on our organization's cybersecurity practices."

Clifford Thornton,
Head of Engineering Operations at Zafin

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