Springing into Compliance Faster with Penetration Testing

Movespring is a Chicago-based company specializing in corporate fitness activities tracked through a mobile application compatible with both iOS and Android. Used by some of the world’s top organizations and has the capability to connect with a multitude of partner fitness trackers such as FitBit, AppleWatch, and Garmin, among others.

Springing into Compliance Faster

Chicago, Illinois


Wellness and Fitness Services


Seed $2.1 million USD




Amazon, Uber and Deloitte

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As Movespring continued to grow and expand in the B2B market, internal questions began arising about how to manage the security of an application that’s growing in size and complexity. 


Through quarterly Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS), Software Secured provided Movespring with an opportunity to dive deeper into their application security and generate answers to top security questions. Through consulting hours included in their PTaaS package, the Movespring team also learned how to perform threat modeling on new features. 


Integration between Movespring’s development team and Software Secured's team of security engineers meant their developers could better identify and mitigate security vulnerabilities sooner in the SDLC, and ultimately save more time and resources as they further expand their B2B presence. 


These security answers then enabled more business deals to close faster through an efficient vendor security questionnaire process, and also allowed them to acquire SOC 2 compliance.

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