Penetration testing for fast-growing and agile companies

One-time manual comprehensive testing that is compliant against 5 industry standards to close security gaps beyond the checkbox.

What does our penetration testing methodology look like?

Zero false positives means you earn compliance faster

Don't waste time reviewing long meaningless reports. Our actionable reports include priority of severity, steps to reproducibility and steps to remediation to understand your security posture. Before report and certificate delivery, all findings go through multiple quality assurance processes to guarantee zero false positives.

Multiple industry testing frameworks for your custom approach

With our customized approach to penetration testing, you can chose any of the 5 industry frameworks to test against, or test against all of them. These 5 industry standards, OWASP Top 10, ASVS, NIST, WSTG and SANS Top 25 are recognized by vendors and will bring them confidence in your results.

In-depth manual efforts find 4X more vulnerabilities per test

All penetration tests start with a light custom threat model to understand your unique business logic. All penetration tests start with a threat model to understand your unique attack surface. Manual penetration testing allows our hackers to leverage creativity to dig into the dark corners of your application and find up more vulnerabilities than automated tooling - even 4X more than the leading pentest vendor.

Easy to prove security to close enterprise vendor deals

Get an updated report and certificate on-demand to prove your security posture to vendors and auditors whenever you need. You'll close deals faster without compromising your security.

What's included in a Software Secured penetration test?

Helping security managers feel confident about their security posture

"My favourite part of working with Software Secured comes from the collaboration after the report is delivered."
Ronuk Raval
"We were very happy to choose them for our first external pentest. The process of going through the actual penetration test [was] professionally conducted. We worked a lot with them to set expectations, so we knew exactly what was going to happen."
Aydin Mirzaee
Fellow App
"We really found that their focus on manual testing allowed their team to use their intuition. This was a huge selling point and led to a more effective penetration test."
Erin Bury

High-growth companies who are keeping their data secure

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