Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS)

Year-round testing coverage for fast-growing SaaS companies that want to integrate security into their development pipeline.
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Ongoing manual pentesting around your releases for year-round coverage


Online reporting dashboard to access and manage your test results anytime


Faster remediation through continuous access to our team via Slack


Unlimited re-testing for patch verification and peace of mind

Quarterly pentesting led by human hackers. Ideal for SaaS Companies that are integrating security as part of their development process.
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What is Penetration Testing as a Service?

Does the idea of having an ethical hacker on standby waiting to test your code sound a little fantastical?
It’s called Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS), and it’s changing the way DevOps manages security.

Companies are switching to PTaaS because it naturally aligns much better with their current software development practices. Rather than making security testing an afterthought or an additional step, it makes it part of the process right alongside the testing that you already do. Test as you deploy code and start sleeping better at night.

How does PTaaS work?

Get onboarded! Your profile will be set up in Portal so you can start managing your pentests right away.
Two weeks prior to your test, your lead pentester will reach out to help you prepare. This step typically takes just a few hours .
We build each client a custom security plan based off your unique business logic which shapes how we'll approach your pentest.
Quarterly Pentest
This assessment usually happens quarterly (aligned with your major launhes). Each pentest, our team leverages previous knowledge of your application to dive even deeper.
Portal Report Delivery
Each comprehensive pentest report will be delivered to the Portal. Download, manage, and share reports and certificates directly online anytime during the pentest cycle.
Continuous Security Consulting
Whether you're building a new feature or patching a known issue, PTaaS clients have anytime access to our team of security engineers.
Your pentest starts!
Most pentests take between 5-10 business days. This first test is a baseline assessment to provide you a clear look at your security posture.
Anytime Re-testing
Let us know when you need a quick re-test on a specific feature or vulnerability. PTaaS includes unlimited re-testing between quarterly pentest cycles.
Online Report Delivery
When your pentest wraps up, you will be able to see your results in Portal. Reports will include all issues found, plus instructions for duplication and remediation. Connect to the Slack integration to be notified when these results are ready!
Critical Alerts
If we identify critical vulnerabilities during the test, we will alert you immediately to have it patched ASAP.
Access your first certificate in Portal! Get notified of certificate delivery in Slack, and download it from the reporting platform.

What's included?

Multiple pentests throughout the year
Advanced threat modeling
Manual testing by human hackers
Custom security plan
Team rotation for fresh perspectives
Leverages our proprietary testing stack
Infrastructure testing included
Unlimited retesting on fix verification & new releases
Security consulting hours Included
Continuous access to our team via Slack integration
Continuous online reporting through Portal
Anytime access to updated certificates

Software Secured working with leading brands.

Who is this designed for?

Companies Integrating Security into Their Dev/DevOps Pipeline

Integrating security into your SDLC ensures that deployed code is always secure. We prioritize testing new features to shorten feedback time between security & developers, and provide anytime access to our security team via Slack.

Companies Using Security to Increase App Performance & Value

Penetration testing as a service increases the quality and frequency of security testing by delivering quarterly, manual tests. We can dive deeper into an application with each test, and ensure year-round security coverage through unlimited new feature testing & fix verification.

Companies Streamlining Security Processes Across Multiple Projects

With the launch of Portal, we now offer anytime access to your reports, certificates, and overall application security metrics for each project. Through Portal, you will get notified of upcoming tests, view results, download reports, and invite other team members to view issues.

How much will PTaaS cost you?

Pricing and timelines for Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS) is measured by the number of endpoints in your application. Want to get an estimate of cost based on your application’s size?

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