Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS)

Year-round testing coverage for fast-growing SaaS companies that want to integrate security into their development pipeline.

How does Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS) work?

Use PTaaS to speed up your security operations

More frequent penetration tests extends your security coverage 4X more than competitors

Our testing methodology is so comprehensive that we find 26 vulnerabilities on average, which is 4X more than the leading competitor. We test against 5 industry frameworks to maximize coverage and ensure no security gaps are left undiscovered.

Penetration testing integrated into your SDLC to find vulnerabilities before your code hits production

Quarterly comprehensive tests ensure new product features are secure before they hit production. Integrated testing allows for lower remediation costs, developer time saved, and reduce risks of vulnerabilities found in client facing assets.

No false positives means that you can save up to $3.75M in risk reduction

We rely on CVSS and DREAD to properly calibrate all found vulnerabilities and get all issues triple-checked before delivery so there's no false positives. Reports include steps to remediation so you can clear security gaps before they hit production.

Application Security expertise integrated into your team so you can get ahead in the security game

Provided with consulting hours to spend on design support, answering vendor security assessments, getting additional documentation for compliance, or other security strategies. Unlimited re-testing to validate closed gaps and feel confident in your security posture.

Stay in the loop on your team's progress at patching known vulnerabilities

Portal is a dashboard for penetration testing as a service clients to have easy access to download their reports, view open vulnerabilities, and track SLA status. Portal triages and organizes vulnerabilities before they even go to developers, to take the guess work out of prioritizing remediation strategies.

What's included in PTaaS?

High-growth companies who are keeping their data secure

Who is this designed for?

Fred Dixon
Blindside Networks
"We've worked with Software Secured for over 4 years. They did a great job each year for penetration testing, and moving to their model where the offer 'penetration testing as a service' for more frequent testing made sense as our business quickly scaled."
Andrew Lee
Senior Software Engineer and Lead AWS DevOps
"Very pleased with the findings report that uncovered "dark-corners" that other pentesting firms just couldn't find. Not the cheapest but felt a bit "saved" by them as they helped prevent security issues being released to the customer that other cheaper firms didn't notice. They deserve their reputation."

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