How to Secure Web3: Cybersecurity Challenges and Best Practices

A Security Directors Guide to Secure Your Web3 Application.

For most, the hectic ride of a start-up or a scale-up does not provide the time to build systems and processes properly. The same can be considered for a Web3 application. As you juggle between building the product and trying to navigate blockchains, there is very little time to properly verify if your Web3 application is truly secure. Instead, you might find yourself running ad hoc and random security tasks just to support particular clients or certain compliance mandates. It’s like ‘Application Security Whack-A-Mole.’​

Throughout this guide, we will cover the best practices of typical application hosted on blockchain/Web3, as well as how to implement these strategies into your product. Planning ahead and consistent evaluation allows for a more strategic and thoughtful application security position with more favourable timeframes and budget requirements.​

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