What we aim to achieve everyday

Security is a difficult, thankless, and ongoing process - so we're trying to make it easier. 

Who We Are

In 2010, Sherif Koussa started Software Secured, an application security testing company designed to bring bank-grade application security to fast growing software companies.

At Software Secured, we empower software development teams to design, implement and deploy secure software applications. Through our suite of professional services, products and training courses, our clients continuously save time and budget with a more efficient SDLC that bakes security right into the process.

The promise we make to our customers

As a penetration testing company that puts our customers first, we practice by five core values that we bring to every customer experience.
Passion for security
Security and privacy matters more than anything else. We prioritize it within all of our business decisions a part of our goal to make the digital world a little safer.
Security is a hard and thankless process. We help our customers go through their customer journey with no judgetment - all the way from sales to post-test support.
Integrity drivse everything we do. We are honest, straightforward, honest, and give credit where credit is due. We commit to doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.
Growth mindset
Security is an ever-changing field. Through curiosity, constant learning (and un-learning), and humility, we are able to stay ahead of the curve. We support experimentation to help us reach innovation.
We are determined to give our all to every project. Tough problems are something we'll never shy away from. Instead, problems are seen an opportunity to do better, create new solutions, and innovate. 

Why Software Secured?

At Software Secured, we protect and secure organizations from costly cybersecurity breaches by providing expert-level penetration testing services. We create testing services that are thorough and tailored to your organization to enhance and strengthen your security posture. We help foster a safe digital space where everyone feels protected from data breaches, creating a secure and thriving future.

Software Secured working with leading brands.

A strong internal culture helps breed success

Owning it
Accountability is key. We ask our team members to step up and own every mistake or ask if they don't know something, as long as they can learn from it. 
We function as one team, as no one will drive our business forward single-handedly. We're here to support each other within and across teams.
Psychological safety
Everyone needs an environment that allows them to show up as their authentic self. We provide space to experiment, work, and challenge the status quo without harsh consequences. 
Extreme candor
The best communication is direct communication. We keep in mind that respect and kindness are required to make problem-solving and decision-making easier. Constructive feedback is always welcomed here.

Let's work together

What service(s) are you interested in? Tell us more about your company and application security needs, and we can help determine which plan(s) are best for you.

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