June 19, 2015

The Canadian Government Outage and Raising Profiles of Simples Attacks

The Canadian Govt was hacked! The Globe And Mail reported a few days back: A cyberattack crashed federal government websites and e-mail for nearly two hours […]
May 29, 2015

Reading through the IRS Hack: Failures and Analysis

IRS has reported that  thieves stole tax information from 100,000 taxpayers, pretty disturbing news on multiple levels. The first level of disturbance is obviously that an […]
May 27, 2015

Security Comparison: AngularJS vs Backbone.js vs Ember

Introduction Client side JavaScript security is becoming more and more of an issue with the shift to Single Page Applications or SPAs in modern web development. […]
May 7, 2015

Simplified Security Code Review Process

Obviously it is not 2005 anymore. 10 years ago most organizations were OK with perimeter security and a vulnerability scanner. This shift started to happen in the U.S […]
April 30, 2015

Cyber Security Laws & Regulations in Canada

Pop quiz, do Canadians and Americans approach cyber security the same way? The answer is a clear and definite no. With the recent passage of HB […]
April 8, 2015

Secure Your Express Application

At Software Secured, we have been building our internal tools around Node.js and Express. Node.js is becoming more and more popular nowadays and several frameworks have […]