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Risk management
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In need of understanding, managing and ultimately mitigating the risk of your online applications. Learn more...

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You will find a process that ensures you have the most secure code attainable. SoftwareSecured can help. Learn more...

I would like to accurately calculate the risk of every online application
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Chief Information Security Officer -

Going to production with your application?

Running out of time and your launch date is around the corner?! How to double check on the level of security of your new app?
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Focus on what matters

You can protect your company's reputation and ensure the months of development by avoiding security mistakes. Learn more...

Our developers are security savvy, but how to double check with specialists who have experience in this field?!.
Project Manager
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Worried about
data breach?

Concerned for the security of your outsourced code and how you may be at risk of a data breach. Learn more...

Focus on what matters

You need a company that can evaluate the security of your in-house and\or outsourced code and give you confidence that you are not at risk. We can help. Learn more...

How do we ensure that all the outsourced software is coded
in a way to maintain the most up-to-date security guidelines?
Chief Technical Officer

Application Security Experts

We specialize in quickly and accurately assessing your development team’s deliverables against secure coding best practices before launching your online application.

We use a unique process to thoroughly evaluate the effectiveness of your security controls. Our process consists of automated code scanning using commercial and proprietary tools as well manual code review for high-risk parts of your application. Finally, we check your application against a 100-points checklist to ensure maximum coverage and protection of your application.

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