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Penetration testing services that seamlessly fit into your compliance framework

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Quality manual testing

Combining our in-house penetration testers with our proprietary testing stack provides the most comprehensive test

Faster security remediation

Shorten the feedback loop with a Slack channel to our security team and accelerate vulnerability remediation with an included free re-test to verify patches were applied correctly

Prove your security

Our priority is to help you work towards a clean penetration testing certificate. Receive updated reports & certificates after each test 

Test, remediate, and easily prove your application security for compliance

Scalable pentesting to suit your release schedule

One-time penetration testing

Project-based testing for your current status

One-time manual comprehensive testing to understand your security landscape and earn proof of your application security. Valuable for earning compliance, closing enterprise deals, M&A, and validating your secure design architecture.

Penetration testing as a service

Continuous testing as you build & release

Year-round coverage including quarterly comprehensive testing and unlimited re-testing for patch verification. For proactive SaaS companies that value security as a competitive advantage & want to test as you release.

Hear what fast-growing SaaS companies have said!

  • Very pleased with the findings report that uncovered "dark-corners" that other PEN testing firms just couldn't (or wouldn't or didn't) find. Pleasant to work with. Not the cheapest but felt a bit "saved" by them as they helped prevent security issues being released to the customer that other cheaper firms didn't notice. Turn around time for meetings, calls, emails was very good. They deserve their reputation.
  • They provide the quality of some of the biggest names in security, without the price tag and complications. If you need some things done, have a pretty good idea of what needs to get done, and don't want to be sold a bunch of extras that aren't required for the project, this is who you go with.
  • Building this network with Software Secured was an important part of building software and making sure we feel more comfortable with securing it.

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