Andrew Lee

Very pleased with the findings report that uncovered "dark-corners" that other [pen]testing firms just couldn't (or wouldn't or didn't) find.

- Andrew Lee DevOps Lead, Knak
Aydin Mirzaee

We were very happy to choose them for our first external pentest. The process of ... the actual penetration test [was] professionally conducted. We worked a lot with them to set expectations, so we knew exactly what was going to happen.

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- Aydin Mirzaee CEO, Fellow App
Ronuk Raval

My favourite part of working with Software Secured comes from the collaboration after the report is delivered.

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- Ronuk Raval CTO, Encircle
Erin Bury

We really found that their focus on manual testing allowed their team to use their intuition. This was a huge selling point and led to a more effective penetration test.

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- Erin Bury CEO, Willful
Nancy Gariche

I have been enjoying the [OWASP Top 10 Training] sessions. They are value-packed. Sherif and the team are doing a great job of keeping everyone engaged and making these sessions super interactive.

- Nancy Gariche Senior Cyber Security Analyst, OWASP
Steven Barry

...That’s what working with Software Secured on training allowed us to do. To bring our already excellent security practices up a level.

- Steven Barry VP Information Technology, CIRA
Anna Lynch

Building this network with Software Secured was an important part of building software and making sure we feel more comfortable with securing it.

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- Anna Lynch VP of Engineering, TITUS

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