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Connecting clients with their test results.

App Overview

As part of their core service offering, Software Secured offers clients access to a comprehensive reporting dashboard for managing their security testing results. Clients can use the app as an alternative way to receive automated testing notification messages to a Slack channel of their choosing.
Slack messages will be automatically posted to your selected channel to notify you of important dates, remind you of action items, or let you know if new information is available in Portal.

Accessing & Integrating the App

Logging in to Portal

Login to Portal. If you don't have your organization's login, please contact us at the information below.

Navigating to Settings

Navigate to Settings by clicking on the Gear icon in the top-right corner

Integrating your Slack account

1. Under integrations, click the orange 'Connect Slack Account' button and then follow the steps below.
2. You will be redirected back to portal and will now see Notification Settings for Slack, which you can toggle on/off for the different notification types.
3. You will see the name of your Slack workspace and Slack channel you have permitted Portal to post messages to.
4. You will now receive messages to your selected Slack channel for the notification types selected in the Notification Settings

Adding the Slack App

The 'Connect Slack Account' button is available through Portal on the Settings page, under Integrations. This is the only supported way to add the app to your Slack workspace and channel.

Disconnecting your Slack account

You may disconnect your Slack account by clicking on 'Disconnect Slack Account' in Settings > Integrations > Slack
Aside from connecting/disconnecting your Slack account from Portal, and selecting the notification types you’d like to receive in your Slack channel, there is no further configuration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does my report data get stored?
Detailed report information is not stored in the portal for security reasons. Rather it is shared directly with the organization’s contact person(s).
Who has access to the report data?
Only permitted users within your organization will be able to access the report data, certificates, and historical analytics. User permissions can be edited.
How can I download my report or certificate?
Yes, reports/certificates can be downloaded through the portal.
How do I add and edit user permissions?
Some user permission settings can be edited through the UI. Others would require reaching out to Software Secured for security reasons.

Get in Touch with Our Support Team

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