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The State of Penetration Testing as a Service- 2022 Edition

This report demonstrates the state of full-stack security based on insights from our penetration tests performed by our team in 2021 and 2022.
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How to Secure Web3: Cybersecurity Challenges and Best Practices

This guide will serve as reference for the current best practices to ensure your Web3 security protocols allow you to develop reliable, sustainable, and secure networks.
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4 Practices to Leading Security-Minded Developers

Throughout this guide, we will cover the best practices of typical application secure coding and we’ll identify how to implement these strategies into your development team.​
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The Short Guide to Application Security For SaaS Companies

Throughout this guide, we will cover the building blocks of typical application security programs and we’ll identify at which stage of your growth they would be most useful.
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Discover technical resources, security industry trends, opinion pieces, and more.

Case Studies

Find out how we implement Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS) and help organizations secure their data.
Securing Remote Education
Blindside Networks found their business with BigBlueButton was growing exponentially as the result of higher education moving to the cloud in the pandemic. Looking to move beyond the yearly ‘checkbox-style’ security testing that many firms undergo, Blindside Networks chose Software Secured to run manual testing with quarterly Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS).
​Springing Into Security​
Movespring is a Chicago-based company specializing in corporate fitness activities tracked through a mobile application. As Movespring continued to grow and expand in the B2B market, questions began arising about how to manage their security. Movespring increased their application security competency in a variety of areas through integrating PTaaS into their existing SDLC.
Security as a Key Performance Indicator (KPI)​
Klipfolio has a state of the art DevOps pipeline and, as a leader in business intelligence and data visualization, security for the DevOps team is an important metric of success. Klipfolio, thinking proactively about their security, used quarterly PTaaS services as a way of minimizing and preventing future risk for their application.
An Event Not Worth Missing
Solace is a middleware company based in Ottawa, Ontario. Their mission is to help enterprises adopt, manage and leverage event-driven architecture, with a complete event streaming and management platform. As Solace started to serve large enterprises, their need for a partner in application security grew as well. In their mission to improve application security, Solace was looking beyond just hiring a pentesting vendor.
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Testimonials: Hear it straight from the source

Visit our Testimonials page to see what our clients have to say about working with us!
  • We really found that their focus on manual testing allowed their team to use their intuition. This was a huge selling point and led to a more effective penetration test.
    Erin Bury, CEO @ Willful
  • Very pleased with the findings report that uncovered "dark-corners" that other PEN testing firms just couldn't (or wouldn't or didn't) find. Pleasant to work with. Not the cheapest but felt a bit "saved" by them as they helped prevent security issues being released to the customer that other cheaper firms didn't notice. Turn around time for meetings, calls, emails was very good. They deserve their reputation.
    Andrew Lee, Senior Cloud Ops Engineer @ Knak

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