Application security at the speed of CI/CD.

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How it Works!

A SaaS-Based CI/CD developer tool that helps shift security left within the Software Development Life Cycle.

Integrates with GitHub, Bitbucket/Jira Cloud, and Gitlabs.


Get security issues right in your inbox every time a build runs.

Use Cases

  • Show customers evidence that every code change gets scanned for security violations
  • Integrate security early so your quartely penetration tests run more smoothly
  • Notify your developers of issues THEY have created within the software code base
  • A convenient way to automate application security testing

Proud to Support

Coming December 2018
Coming December 2018

How it Works

  • Login to your favourite source code repository, reshift supports GitHub, Bitbucket, and Gitlabs
  • Follow the 3 easy steps to integrating your build system with reshift:
  • 1. Create a report token
  • 2. Add our plugin to your build script
  • 3. Build you application and let reshift do the rest!

See results within reshift and get notified of any security violations

How we are different

  • A confidence score is given to each security violation to help you triage - it's sortable!
  • Found a security violation to be true - push it to Jira cloud right away so your development teams can start work on it
  • Know who made the change and hold development team accountable for their code changes

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  • Unlimited Security Reports

Power Plan

$ 199
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  • Unlimited Public Repos
  • Unlimited Security Reports
  • 10 Private Repos
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Join our Slack channel, have your questions answered and be apart of the reshift community. We will also make ourselves available to you via email.

We generate code graphs that represent your software code base. We use the code graphs to feed the graph neural network with issue predictions on how true or false each issue is. This helps prioritize and triage security violations. Our machine learning algorithm is constantly evolving as you label security violations. You can find more details about how we do it within the documentation section.

Build times will increase 5-10% based upon the added computation to scan the code and generate code graphs. 

Your source code never leaves the build machine. The metadata generated from your source is encrypted both in transit and at rest. Transparency is very important to us. Concerned with security? Read more about it within the Security Docs  to see how we store your data and what security measures we put in place to keep it safe.

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