Penetration Testing as a Service. Continuous hacker-like testing for modern development teams.

We can help you find and fix security vulnerabilities. Read how we helped ArtStation.

The Problem

Having annual testing is no longer good enough. Continuous deployment means that code is continuously being pushed to production. This requires a continuous hacker like testing that can match the rate of change. 

Our Solution

Our unique approach combines hacker like testing along with customized automated testing, to keep your application secure all the time.

What You Get From Us

Attack Simulation

Our process is modeled after real attack scenarios, giving you visibility of unknown vulnerabilities that could expose your application to cyber attacks or compliance issues.

Detailed Findings

Our reports explain the issues in detail, combined with steps to reproduce and screenshots, no time wasted on triaging.

Customized Remediation

Our remediation advice is customized per issue, so your team can start fixing the issues right away.

Continuous Retesting

Our team regularly retests any changes in the application and ensures that identified issues are fixed properly.

Ongoing Support

Reach out to our team anytime with security questions regarding new functionality or client questions.

Security Proof

Always provide up-to-date pen testing reports and certifications to your clients gaining competitive advantage against competition.

Our Process

How It Works



We want to learn about the application and get a strong understanding of it’s size and scope so we can determine how to best approach it.


Baseline Assessment

We will perform the first assessment where we look for publicly exposed information and follow a process modeled after real attack scenarios to give visibility into unknown vulnerabilities that could expose your application to cyber attacks or compliance issues. 



We perform issue verification where our team will ensure proper remediation for fixed issues – no need to wait until the next test. We also do  full retests where our team will do regression tests on the application and will zoom in on any changes made since the previous test.


Quarterly Testing

Every quarter we perform a full retest for the application. The quarterly test follows the same process with more attention on the changes since the previous test.


Updated Certification

We will provide an updated certification at any point upon request.

How much does it cost?

Our services start at $2,500/month. Pricing will vary based on application(s) size, architecture, and service engagement. Please contact us for quote.

How long does it take?

Penetration testing is performed on a reoccurring basis. First a baseline assessment is completed, then quarterly tests, and retesting and updated certification upon request. One-off penetration tests are available upon request.

Want to try it?

Leave us your information and we’ll contact you with pricing to test our penetration testing services.

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