Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS)

We help DevOps teams at SaaS companies to build confidence in their application security.

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The Problem

For many SaaS companies, SDLC processes are continuously speeding up. Yet, development teams aren’t prioritizing security until after launch (and often, not at all). Vulnerabilities in applications expose companies to expensive cybersecurity threats, costing the average US business over $8 million per data breach.

The Solution

Penetration testing as a Service (PTaaS) is a long-term solution for proactive SaaS companies. PTaaS includes a combination of manual and automated testing in quarterly comprehensive assessments. All year long, access unlimited reporting and retesting to ensure new updates and bug fixes are as secure as possible.

What’s Included

Advanced Threat Modeling

Using your unique business logic to create real, advanced attack scenarios. Testing the security of your application's design.

Continuous Reporting

Our reports explain discovered issues in detail, combined with steps and screenshots to reproduce. No time is wasted on triaging.

Unlimited Retesting

Run unlimited smaller tests between quarterly deep assessments to validate the security of your bug fixes, new app updates or new app features.

Infrastructure Testing

Applying similar practices to your IT infrastructure can identify network vulnerabilities in your business.

Team Rotation

You always have a real person who will walk you through the pentesting process. We regularly switch out your pentesters to provide fresh perspectives and creative new approaches.

Penetration Testing Certificate

Prove to your clients that your application is secure. Many of our clients use their PenTesting Certificate to close bigger deals, move faster through funding rounds and pass compliance checks easily.

Our PTaaS Process

  • Baseline Assessment
  • Quarterly Assessment
  • Quarterly Assessment
  • Quarterly Assessment

How It Works


We want to learn about your application(s) and get a strong understanding of the project size and scope so we can determine the best approach.

Baseline Assessment

We will perform an initial assessment where we look for publicly exposed information. We’ll follow a process modeled after your threat modeling scenarios to give visibility into unknown vulnerabilities that could expose your application to cyber attacks or compliance issues.


We perform issue verification where our team will ensure proper remediation for fixed issues – no need to wait until the next comprehensive test. We can also complete full retests where our team will carry out regression tests on your application(s) with a special focus on any changes made since the previous test.

Quarterly Assessments

Every quarter, we will perform a deep, fully inclusive retest for your application(s). The quarterly test follows the same process as the initial assessment with more attention on the updates and improvements in the past quarter.

Updated Certification

At any point, we can provide you with an updated certification as proof of your application security.

How much does PTaaS cost?

The cost of PTaaS varies, depending on the size and scope of your application(s). Software Secured offers an affordable pricing structure for a long-term application security solution.

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Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS)

What is Penetration Testing as a Service?

Penetration Testing as a Service, also known as PTaaS, is a long-term solution to application security. Quarterly deep assessments, unlimited reporting and unlimited re-testing for new updates and features. Making sure your application is secured 24/7.

Code Penetration Test
Web and Mobile Application Penetration Testing
IOT Penetration Test
IoT and API Penetration Testing
Greybox Penetration Test
Blackbox and Greybox Penetration Testing

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