Penetration Testing for SOC 2 Compliance

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Our tests are led by human hackers, bringing more creativity, intuition, and targeted expertise to your pentest.


Our goal is to help you achieve a clean penetration testing certificate. We're available to answer your questions on securely patching issues.


Give a certificate of proof to your SOC 2 auditor. Includes high-level findings of your security posture.


Quickly re-test issues after they're patched to validate that a fix has been applied successfully.
A penetration test is required for SOC 2. Choosing manual testing brings you more insights to reach your compliance goals faster.

Trusted by leaders in the SOC 2 compliance space

How it Works

Get ready!
Our team will guide you through any prep for your test. This typically takes just a few hours.
Fix Verification
Run one re-test to verify that your issues have been fixed sufficiently.
Stay in contact with our team during your test. We'll notify you about any critical vulnerabilities
as soon as we find them, so you can fix them immediately.
When your pentest wraps up, you will be sent your report. Reports will include all issues found, plus instructions for duplication and remediation.
Testing begins! Most pentests usually take between 5-10 business days, but may vary depending on your project's size and complexity.
Prove your security. All pentests include a certificate to validate your current security posture.

What's Included?

One pentest
Project-based approach
Light threat modeling
Manual testing by human hackers
Custom security plan based on your business logic
Leverages our proprietary testing stack
Infrastructure testing included
x1 Round of retesting included
Remediation support around identified vulnerabilities

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Who is this designed for?

Proving SOC 2 Compliance

Fast-growing startups build a lot of code. A baseline pentest gives your team confidence that this code is secure. Quick testing and remediation to ensure you present a secure application to your SOC 2 auditor.

Looking to get multiple penetration tests a year?

View Penetration Testing as a Service

Get Your Estimate!

Pricing and testing timeline for a SOC 2 penetration test is measured by the number of endpoints in your application. Let us know how many endpoints you have and we'll provide you with a quick quote via email. 

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