As a software  company, you deal with a great deal of client data that you need to protect. With an estimated 19% of breaches coming directly from third party sources in 2017, it comes as no surprise that companies are asking security questions before finalizing deals with prospective clients.

With breaches becoming increasingly common, data security is a critical issue with new prospects and can slow or even kill the sales process. Security risks from both internal and external sources, can be detrimental to a company, according to a Cybersecurity Market Report from Cybersecurity Ventures, “Cybercrime damages will cost the world $6 trillion annually by 2021.”

Being prepared with answers to their security questions will not only will speed up your sales cycle but will also prove to be a competitive advantage. This guide gives you the questions you can expect to hear from prospects, along with best practices to respond easily and effectively, so your company wins the deal.

Some of the questions we will help you answer:

Have you researched your cloud providers best security practices?

Does the penetration test follow an industry approved methodology?

How do you protect customer data? Please upload relevant documentation

Describe the circumstances in which customer data is allowed to leave your production systems?

Do you have a formal Information Security Program (InfoSec SP) in place?

This guide will provide:

  1.  An overview of what a Security Questionnaire is and why they are necessary 

  2. Advice on how to answer the questions based on use cases

  3. How you can streamline this response process in the future

  4. How to build on your security documents and be prepared  for future Security Questionnaires 

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