Securicy guides companies as they establish and maintain the robust information security programs needed to sell into enterprises and regulated industries. Designed for every stage of maturity, Securicy’s platform and services streamline the creation, management, and extension of security programs, enabling clients to turn security into a competitive advantage.

Simplify the process to meet your requirements for SOC 2, ISO, HIPAA, GDPR, PCI, CIS, and more.

SaaS companies often get overly concerned with growing their business as quickly as possible and neglect to ensure they have a solid security posture, thus exposing themselves to a possible fatal breach or scrutiny by enterprise customers. If you are waiting until your receive a security assessment questionnaire to begin developing a security program then you are already behind. Security needs to be a continuous process with a committed approach to establishing a security culture in the company in order to be successful.

Software Secured working with leading brands.

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