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Mobile Pentesting vs. MDM: 3 Reasons Why MDM Is Not the Best Solution

As the better alternative to MDM, a mobile pentest delivers a few critical advantages:

It provides insights from the hacker’s perspective. Mobile pentesting is done by an experienced security engineer who seeks to exploit potential vulnerabilities in your system from the outside.

It secures data at the app-level rather than at device-level. An MDM attempts to …

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3 Challenges of Implementing Threat Modeling into your SDLC

What is Threat Modeling?

This is the process of identifying security threats or system vulnerabilities, then understanding and prioritizing those threats to mitigate them.

That might sound incredibly broad (and like the job of every cybersecurity professional out there), but there are a few things to keep in mind.

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NorthSec 2021: King’s Siege Arsenal

This challenge put the hackers up against a set of three boxes, each with an ssh port open and interlinked by an apache server. This challenge was an interesting look into how to turn a defender’s own defenses (and hubris) against them. Flags one and two were snagged by Robert, and Forest had a hand in the third one.

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Jetbrains TeamCity Reflected XSS

How we came about the TeamCity XSS: CVE-2019-15848 On a recent client engagement, we were challenged to gain access to their private CI server. The CI server suffered from a

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Top SAST Tools for Developers

Top 5 SAST Tools for Developers Finding coding errors early in the development life cycle can save organizations both time and money, as well as make applications more secure. Catching

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