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Security Code Review

Code review is the most comprehensive method to uncover security vulnerabilities. Our clients use this service to quickly evaluate software deliverables and products before wide deployements. Secure Code Review by Software Secured evaluates the software against more than 100 software security points. Software Secured is differentiated by its Trend-Analysis tool that helps you realize the maximum ROI for your investment.

Services Ultimate Benefits
  • Thoroughly evaluates software development deliverables against security industry best practices
  • Maximum code coverage and uncovers most amount of security vulnerabilities, determines the risk associated with each and detailed steps on how to fix them.
  • Conducts a Trend-Analysis study and provide your team with customized checklist to prevent further security flaws.

Web Application Penetration Testing

Software Secured uses Web Application Penetration Testing to augument security code reviews. Software Secured also uses it to quickly determine whether the application needs further assessment and how secure the application and the application’s environment to respond to web attacks.

Services Ultimate Benefits
  • Evaluates the application and its environment at run-time.
  • Assess the application’s security posture at run-time
  • The best way to assess the need for further security testing.

Custom Secure Software Development Lifecycle Implementation

Our clients use this service to instill software security in new or existing software development lifecycles. Our professional stuff works with your internal team to integrate different security activities into your SDLC with minimal overhead.

Services Ultimate Benefits
  • Install re-usable security controls through-out your software development lifecycle.
  • Software produces by Secure SDLC contains multiple security layers by default.

Software Security Training

We conduct our instructor-led training at your site. Our training is based on real world examples and utilize a fun and interactive atmosphere to miximize the benefit to developers and minimize the time they spent away from wirting code.

Services Ultimate Benefits
  • Maximizes learning experience by customizing the curriculum to your developers needs.
  • Real-life example and the utilization of intensive labs for even more value.
  • Minimizes the time spent away from deliverables by focusing only on relevant modules.

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